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Extremely enjoyable, as last time....

I wish I could subscribe to artists on NG so I would have known this came out last week... This show reflects some of the experiences I've had with friends in the past years and reminds me of a few good anime and cartoon series of seen before. It's always a fun experience to watch these, and while the humor may be seen as simple, that just makes it all the more enjoyable to actually watch with friends. As animators have to put a lot of work into an animation to even get 10 seconds of runtime, I really don't mind the similarities between the male characters in appearance and personality. I hope to see the next installment of my favorite NG comedy series very soon.

Goes down in history.

This is and always will be one of the best collabs on NG. I know I reviewed it in the past but it's been so long that I'm actually able to write another on the same account... The animation, humor, originality, and randomness in many parts of this collab are wonderful and spawned many requests for a sequel that was well greeted when it finally appeared...

Sadly after a large amount of splitting and failing to put out, the hope of this becoming a long lasting series soon faded away. Through some artists just giving up on continuing TSAH and others being removed from the project or leaving it by choice this series has only seen one full (and not quite as good as the original) sequel and a fraction of another. This hilarious collab will always be deserving of its too golden awards.

That was pretty good.

I'm sure I'll be able to find some of these submissions and am hopeful for ones that may make it in the future... anyway, the below probably didn't know the 8BIT was a game. I appreciate what you helped put together for all these artists and am also looking forward to 4,000 frames of dance, hehe.

MrRandomist responds:

There are a few of these submissions out that are in the collab, and of course some will never see the light of day

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A nice addition to the genre.

Though, I'll not hide the fact that it was enjoyable, and certainly well made... I'll bring up the issue of some sticky keys, and somewhat flimsy controls...

The ultimate way to successfully play this game is to "Run... and Gun" and it comes to the player's attention quite quickly that such a strategy is needed...

Overall, for the favorable variety, and somewhat intense gameplay, this game certainly deserves its front page position, and the playtime of NG users... I feel that this is saying a lot, as I personally don't go after games of this genre all too often.

Thanks for sharing this submission with us <3

Literal and helpful flashes are a nice treat.

I got 133 and was noted as a literacy style learner... But I must ask in case you have the time or patience to answer this...

After taking the test a couple times, picking the most awkward answers possible, I never managed a score below 100... Is it even possible to score low on this test? Regardless, I am satisfied with this flash, as such straightforward submissions are a nice changer from the typical... Simplicity, while leaving me entertained gives this a deserved 9

I like it, and would be happy to see more on the front page... in the future

It's decent

I thought it was alright, the lot of the gameplay got really repeatative like with infectonator, but I'm not gonna just rant about the downsides, it's a strategy game and I'm sure it's supposed to have its own vibe and feel. I still have no definite feeling about it, but I suppose it's alright.

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Nice contrast from your typical.

I'll be honest, this drawing seems to stick out more than your others (not really for the better or the worse) and what I particularly like about this oneis the darker, more punk-like feeling the clothes and hairstyle of this one. Anyway, I love all your furries including this pic, as always... subscrib'd.


Pretty scary, but the splatter effect is neat, all your anthros are awesome, though, this is no different. Good Work, here.

It's great.

I find it awesome that you have a character we see a lot of, an older artist, known as CrowChild, had a character name Rio he focused on a lot, Linda is just as if not more charming than Rio, and seeing so much of her, with higher and higher res photos each time is truly awesome, great stuff.


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